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Project Spotlight: Delaware Springs Subdivision

This month’s project spotlight focuses on our Delaware Springs subdivision located in Burnet, Texas. Burnet is a fast growing sub-market in the Austin MSA. Located at the crossroads of SH-29, a thoroughfare running west/east from the Texas Hill Country through Georgetown, and US Highway 281, a major highway running north/south from Wichita Falls, through San Antonio, and down to the US/Mexico border. Burnet is a fast growing town that benefits from its location on a major crossroads, its proximity to Austin and Lake Buchanan, and its easy access to San Antonio.


We spent the month of May working through the preliminary site plan and trying to maximize density while still adhering to the restrictions the city has on the land around lot sizing and width. After several iterations we were finally able to come to settle on a site plan that we believe will translate to a beautiful community. Since finalizing our concept site plan we’ve begun to work on our submission package to the city to make sure the city is in agreement with our plan. Although we incorporated all the feedback we received at our land pre-development meeting, we like to stay in constant communication with the governing municipality and keep them up to date on every step we take to make sure we don’t overlook anything and spend valuable time and money needlessly. We’re excited about the future of this project and the benefit our investors will receive by being part of such an awesome project.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or any of our other current projects feel free to Join Our Investor List and Schedule A Call with us so you can get access to our current and upcoming deals.

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