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Project Spotlight: Horseshoe Bay Subdivision

This month’s project spotlight focuses on a new subdivision we have coming up in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Horseshoe Bay is a small resort community in the Texas Hill County, located just off of Highway 71 near the intersection of Highway 71  which runs east through Austin, and Highway 281 which runs south to San Antonio. Located about 30 minutes from Austin, Horseshoe Bay is located on Lake Lyndon B Johnson on the Colorado River. A highly desirable community, Horseshoe Bay is known for its high median income and small community feel.

hsb web photo.jpg

We spent the month of July working with our civil engineering team to finalize a site plan. Fortunately, we have a very good relationship with the city staff and have been working with their guidance to develop a community that will fit with the overall feel of the existing city. We’ve found that working with the city instead of against them is the best way to get projects done efficiently. The community we’re planning will be over 50 acres and include extensive walking trails, tennis courts, a dog run, and other community amenities.

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