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Company History

IronGall Investments was formed in 2017 by Andrew Brewer. Initially focused exclusively on value-add rental properties in Kansas City, Missouri, we have since expanded and now focus primarily in the Texas Triangle and have sponsored or co-sponsored ground up construction, land entitlement, land subdivision, value add, and adaptive reuse projects. 


Our name comes from iron gall ink, a historic compound used to record some of humanity's most important documents including the Codex Sinaiticus, the oldest and most complete Bible currently in existence, The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, The Magna Carta, and many of the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci, among others. 

Like these documents we are resolute in our approach to business and partnerships and unwavering in our commitment to the success of each project. Our goal is to contribute to the prosperity and continued well-being of each one of our investors by executing our responsibilities with integrity and consistency.

Pecan Falls Moman Rendering Site Plan Front.png
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