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Selective Savings Process

Selective Savings is the term we use to describe our proprietary asset management process. Andrew Brewer developed this process while working as an operations engineer in Silicon Valley. During his time as an engineer Andrew oversaw operations in commercial high rise buildings exceeding 27 stories in height and 500,000 sqft with valuations of over 200m. He discovered two very important things while working in this space. 1) That the little things add up, and 2) Cutting costs in one area may lead to increased costs in another thereby reducing the NOI of a property and in turn it's valuation.

The Selective Savings approach is based on these two factors. First we look at the overall budget for a project and find ways to improve efficiency, thereby reducing costs. Secondly, we look for ways to reduce the overall expense budget by increasing preventative maintenance measures or by increasing early detection systems on site through building automation systems and increased systems monitoring. These methods have been shown to decrease unexpected costly repairs and cut down on the increased repair costs and loss of income that often accompany such repairs.

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