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Why Invest With Us?


Local Partners

We maintain a solid presence in all of the markets where we invest. In addition, we partner with local experts to locate off market deals and provide hands on management and oversight on all of our investments


Specialized Investment Approach

We offer an effective investment model that allows our investors to invest directly in commercial properties and real estate developments throughout the United States. We are able to successfully identify underperforming assets and reposition them to take advantage of opportunities for growth


Asset Allocation and Diversification

We believe it is important to invest in more than just stocks and bonds. We can help you diversify your portfolio with commercial real estate assets to create a more efficient portfolio improve your risk-adjusted returns, and reduce your tax liability.


Strong Fundamentals

We only invest in markets and asset classes with strong, stable, underlying fundamentals. Our "Systematic Selection" approach allows us to identify markets that are poised for continued sustainable growth and underperforming assets within these markets.

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